I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I visited my blog. A few things have happened since then but in some ways not that much has happened. I still have the same job, still doing the same things, mostly. But somethings have definitely changed, and not all for the better. I have not written for pleasure in far too long, consumed as I am with another new thing, working on my Master’s degree. I’m just a little bit past half way through and I’m dying for it to end, even though I’m enjoying the intellectual rigour of it. It kind of gives me something to focus on, to make my days seem less repetitious and boring.

At the same time, though, because of the long hours I’ve had to spend sitting front of the computer, it has definitely made me into even more of a sedentary person than I was becoming before and that has had some unpleasant side effects for my health. I’ve gained more weight, sadly, and it appears as if I’ve started to develop some orthopedic problems, as well. I need to have my life back so I can start the process of doing more exercising and sorting out my physical self.

Mentally, well, that has always been a crap shoot, especially in recent years. I’ve always had a tendency to live inside my own head, far too much so, I know, and living by myself for so many years has not improved that. Nowadays I’m very much caught in the ‘what next’ syndrome. What next after the degree ends? What next re leaving or staying in Japan? What next in terms of finally, maybe, finding to share my life with? So many questions, so few answers and so little time…

I heard some news about my cousin today…..shocking and sad….Always expect the unexpected…Meanwhile, my brother soldiers on caught betwixt and between with his daughter’s mom…my sis and my mom…the never ending story. Family can be a trial….

Still, in all things give thanks. M I&O students this year are a good bunch and I honestly wish the term was longer so we could bond more. So much for them to learn, so little time to teach them. Again, the never-ending story.

The pic of the woolly mammoth skeleton is from a trip to the Natural History Museum in Ueno, Tokyo with my EIP students two years ago.





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