That was the week that was!

This last week has been a bit of a roller coaster and I’m largely glad it has come to an end. While school has been largely ok I have been troubled by ill health, in a week, ironically enough, when I celebrated my birthday.

As per usual whenever the weather starts to get colder, my asthma flares up and had me coughing like a crazy person and because of which I had to miss school and go to the doctor. On top of that I contracted a cold and on Friday I also got a toothache. On the bright side, it was my birthday on Saturday and it was nice to have my friends write to me and wish me a Happy Birthday.  Of course the week had to end almost as badly as it started, as on Saturday night I cut my finger rather badly on a broken drinking glass.

On the plus side, again, this last week also saw me resuming my own studies and although I’ve enjoyed getting back into the swing of things with that, studying and coughing is not a fun experience and I don’t recommend it!

I’m just hoping that I don’t get sick again during this winter time but I’m not counting on it. After all, it has only just begun! Fingers crossed, though…


2 thoughts on “That was the week that was!

  1. I am sorry but I didn’t know when is your Birthday.
    To pretend cold… Japanese people often wear mask on their face like I’ve been doing today. It is good way not to catch a cold in public place like train or school. Why don’t you do?


    1. Momoko,

      Not remembering my birthday is fine 🙂 There’s no reason why you should. About masks, I’m not a fan of them and I don’t think they help to stop people getting sick as much as you think.


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