Weekend blues


We long for them and we live for them and most of the time when they come along we are overjoyed and look to make the most of them. I’m no different. It is a time to rest, relax and forget the week that went before, particularly of that week was not an especially great one. But sometimes when the weekend arrives it kind of leaves us a little cold, particularly of we have to work, or if the weather is bad, or if we have no available cash to spend. This weekend was a little of all of the above.

I had to teach all day on Saturday, which meant that I was unable to meet with friends as I had wished. Still, teaching a group of only six students does have its advantages, as you can work quite closely and give extra attention to each of them. I also did manage to catch up on some sleep this weekend, which has definitely helped.

Next weekend promises to be a lot more fun than this one has. There will be no teaching and there will perhaps, be at least one fun trip, to Enoshima to see the fireworks. I look forward to it.



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